The girly gift of dreams, our Mermaid Gift Set! In this gift set you'll receive 3 candles (Aqua Mist, Sugared Lilac & Rose Blush) as well as a Raspberry Ripple Candlestick, beautifully boxed and ready to be gifted!


Made from natural beeswax by us in our studio in Kent, as they're handmade there might be some small imperfections but that's what makes them unique! Candle height 18.5cm


Candle Safety: Remove all packaging before you light the candle. Burn indoors, away from drafts & any flammable objects or materials. Keep in sight at all times & out of reach from children & pets. Always burn on a heat resistant surface, the candle may also drip due to the nature of the wax but this is 100% biodegradable. 

The Mermaid Gift Set